"The FIIT team was wonderful to work with. They have a great line of communication, as a company that employed them from another province this made the whole experience great. Despite the distance, FIIT produced a website and logo that we are proud of. The attention to detail in our logo alone is a testament of their patience and understanding of the product we wanted to showcase. They put the time in to do the accurate changes of wood grain on the logo, even though most would never see the finer details.

The experience was smooth, even with the obstacle of the distance and not being able to show them exactly what we were looking for. It took many phone calls and emails to sort out the finer details on the site, but everything we asked for was done. They not only met our expectations, they exceeded them. To be able to sit down with them in person would have streamlined the process, even still the ability to adapt and produce the website we desired is amazing.

FIIT is a great design team, with great prices, and we recommend them."

Dragonwood – Justin & Brett Inglis (Owner/Operator)